Our Hope Kids Ministry is available year round.

10:00am  //  4 week olds - 5th grade 

Currently, we have three classrooms for Hope Kids. Our Nursery & Toddler room is for infants, walkers & children up to the age of three. Our Lower Elementary room is for our Pre-K, Kindergarten & First grade students while our Upper Elementary room is for Second through Fifth grade students. Every class has an age appropriate lesson using Gospel Project curriculum & focuses on learning scriptures and bringing the stories of the bible to life through teaching, story & activity!

We believe it's important for older children to have the opportunity to join their families in the corporate worship environment so they can experience praising God with the body of Christ! To allow for this, our Upper Elementary students (second through fifth grades) should be checked in at the Hope Kids desk prior to service and then join the congregation for family worship. After worship students will be dismissed for class. 

All other children in Nursery through First grade can be checked in at our Hope Kids Desk & dropped off directly to their classrooms before service.

In order to keep everyone healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic we are following all recommended safety practices, including:

  • Hand Sanitizer stations throughout the building.
  • Volunteers are required to wear masks.
  • Temperature & Symptom Screening at the Hope Kids Check-in Station.
  • Children ages 6 & up are encouraged to wear a mask in all common areas.

Keeping children safe is a top priority for us. In addition to the presence of our security team, all children are checked into our Hope Kids Computers and given a random weekly number when they arrive at Hope Kids. Parents are asked to provide that number during pick up. This number also gives us a way to reach you during the worship service should your child need you in any way.

Allergies & Special Needs

If your child has any allergies or special needs please let us know! Our volunteers & staff do their best to make every Sunday a positive experience for each child. You can talk to a staff member at the Hope Kids desk.

 Questions or Concerns?

Email Vanessa Kerchaert